Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mikes intro...

Hello ...My name is Mike and I started this blog for several reasons.First and foremost is that I enjoy reading and teaching the Bible to any one that is willing to listen. This blog will serve as a vechile for me to teach on some of my favorite subjects as well as a place for me to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior..

I plan to teach and explore current events as they unfold in front of our eyes and show how they relate to Bible prophecy. The Bible was written by the Holy Spirit of God and is the key to understanding life itself..We will examine the following subjects;
-the spiritual warfare (eph6:12) that all christians are engaged in
-the current war in the Mid-east and its prophectic relevance
-Hollwood and its effect on society
-brainwashing and mind cotrol
-we will study the 9-11 tragedy in depth
-the NWO ,the Federal reserve, the Un and more
-other various topics as well...

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